Temporary Food Service Application

Please complete and submit this application AT LEAST ten (10) business days prior to the start of the food service event. Applications submitted less than two weeks in advance of the event may not be considered.


Person in Charge of Food for Your Organization/Department/Establishment:

There must be a person in charge of your food booth during all hours of operation. This person needs to exhibit knowledge of food safety and the procedures applying to your food service event, such as cooking temperature of the foods you are serving and safety precautions in handling cooked and uncooked foods. Knowledge can be demonstrated by providing a copy of your approved training course certificate(i.e. ServSafe) or by taking our on-line Temporary Food Service Event Food Safety Training on HuskyCT. Sign up for HuskyCT training by visiting our website at ehs.uconn.edu or include your NetID below and we will enroll you in training.

*Important Notice*

Student organizations and University Departments, unless using an outside caterer, are not required to pay a fee. All other groups holding an event need to send the $30.00 registration fee to: UConn EHS, 3102 Horsebarn Hill Rd., Unit 4097, Storrs, CT, 06269. Please make checks payable to the University of Connecticut.

Applications received less than two weeks(ten business days) prior to the proposed event will be subject to a late fee. Student organizations and University Departments will be charged $10 per event. All non-University organizations will be charged $25.00 per event.

Please contact our office at (860) 486-3613 between 8:00am and 4:00pm Mon-Fri with any questions.

Food, including beverages, must be purchased or donated from an approved source. An approved source complies with food safety laws. Examples include a grocery store or a restaurant that has a Health Department permit. Receipts of purchases must be available upon request at the time of inspection. With the exception of baked goods that do not require refrigeration after preparation, home prepared foods are not permitted.
Food requiring temperature control for safety(TCS) and/or food that is not commercially packaged must be either stored in a permitted food establishment prior to the event or purchased from an approved source the day of the event and transported directly from the approved source to the event. Food, with the exception of ingredients to be used in approved baked goods, may not be stored in a home or dormitory refrigerator.
Cold foods requiring temperature control for safety (TCS) must be kept at ≤ 41°F during transport and while in storage through the use of mechanical refrigeration or coolers with ice.
Hot TCS food must be kept at ≥ 135°F during transport, while in storage and after cooking/reheating prior to service through the use of insulated containers, warming cabinets, chafing dishes with sternos, grills, etc.
*Important: Food found to be out of proper temperature control must be cooled, reheated or discarded upon direction by EHS.*
Raw animal foods must be cooked to the following minimum temperatures prior to service:
165°F(74°C) - Poultry, whole, pieces, or ground; Foods previously cooked and cooled
155°F(68°C) - Ground meats other than poultry; Sausage
145°F(63°C) - Roasts, steaks, chops of beef, pork, ham, lamb, veal; Fish and Shellfish, Eggs, Hot dogs and other processed meats.
At least one metal stem probe thermometer (0°F - 220°F range) must be available and in use to verify proper cooking and holding temperatures of TCS foods. Student organizations and University Departments may contact EHS to obtain a thermometer for use at an event.
Foods need to be kept covered as much as possible during preparation and service. Food container covers or sneeze guards are required for all food that is not wrapped or packaged.
Overhead protection must be provided for outdoor events (i.e., inside of a food trailer, tent, canopy, etc.). Food items being taken out of a box and served immediately, like donuts or pizza, do not need overhead protection as long as the box is kept closed between orders. Overhead protection is not required above a grill.
All food, equipment, utensils, paper goods, and plastic ware, including items in boxes and bags, must be stored at least 6" off of the ground or floor.
Gloves, tongs, spatulas, deli papers, napkins, or another barrier must be used when handling food that will be eaten without further cooking. Items like hamburger and hot dog rolls, bread, grinders/subs, pastries, donuts, cookies, pizza, fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc. may not be touched with bare hands.
If your event is less than four hours long, bring extra clean, sanitized utensils in a covered container to replace any that get dropped or otherwise contaminated.
If your event is longer than four hours a three-basin dishwashing station (i.e. sinks, dishpans, 5-gallon buckets) may need to be provided, supplied and maintained. You must have a means of washing, rinsing, and sanitizing all food equipment and utensils.
A spray bottle of sanitizer and paper towels or sanitizing wipes may be used to clean spills on counters and tables.
Chemicals should be kept separate and below food items in case of accidental spills. Make sure that all chemicals are properly marked.
Food worker health and personal hygiene is very important in preventing the spread of foodborne illness. Everyone involved in your food event has a responsibility to keep the food safe.
Preventing anyone who is sick from working is necessary. If food workers have diarrhea or vomiting or have had these symptoms within 48 hours they may not work with food.
Persons diagnosed with an illness that may be transmitted through food may not work in a temporary food establishment.
Open cuts or sores on a person's hands or arms must be properly treated and covered.
handwashing station
Food workers must wash their hands:
*Before handling food or putting on disposable gloves
*After using the bathroom, eating, drinking, or anytime hands may be contaminated, including after using a cell phone
Eating is not permitted in the temporary food establishment. Food workers/volunteers may drink beverages from closed cups provided with straws.
Hair restraints are required for all food workers/volunteers. Hair nets, caps, visors, etc. are acceptable hair restraints.

A handwashing facility, supplied with soap and paper towels, must be provided unless the only items offered are commercially prepackaged foods served in the original unopened container, or wrapped/packaged baked goods. If a sink with running water is not available a temporary handwashing station, as pictured, may be used.
Hand-sanitizer is not a substitute for proper hand washing.
Restrooms are not an acceptable substitute for a handwashing station.
By submitting this application I acknowledge that I have read the requirements listed in this application and will comply with these requirements. I understand that all requirements may not be listed in this application and I agree to comply with additional requirements set forth in the EHS Food Service policy. I will submit changes to this application to EHS prior to the event.
Food may not be prepared or served until the permit is reviewed and approved by EHS.
Applications submitted less than 14 days in advance of the event may not be considered.